While I am TOTALLY on the same page as Mike, my interpretation is what may end up on Fail Blog:).

With that being said, my experience with deformation and the application of it on a poem for new meaning helped me understand the theory’s purpose much more than just reading.  So, included in my video, are the stricken out words/phrases according to Brown.  While I may have missed one or two articles, conjunctions, or punctuations – because I didn’t realize that is what they were (repetition and habit die hard) or that I just couldn’t make sense of the meaning of my sentence otherwise – I definitely got a new meaning from the omission of these things and a realization that I am DEFINITELY an overly wordy person!

Lastly, please excuse the crude and green thumbish nature of this file – I had to scrounge for converters and things like that…and the only legal, downloadable version I could find is a trial copy so there is a watermark – so sorry!!!  Also, please excuse the lateness – I have been battling YouTube uploading all afternoon:)…finally, it is available:).