I finished listening to the wav file and it needs to be played with to be heard. I have been trying to get a free audio program to edit it. I haven’t been able to find one. Then I was going to try to post it here. But we can’t post audio files. I am going to email it to Dr. Saper. It needs to be edited. You can hear some of McGann and Kroker. Later, you can also hear the meeting that we had discussing a student group for digital studies.

One of the most interesting aspects of the meeting was seeing the number of people that are interested in digital studies. The most important idea that I came away with from the meeting was that we need to be involved as much as possible in how digital technology is applied and studied. Google Books was used as an example of what can happen without scholar involvement. Books are being preserved in a wonderful digital format, so that people can have access to them all over the world. Google discussed how to set up Google Books with authors and with consumers, but not with digital researchers, because of this the books are visually scanned at a low dpi and can not be effectively searched for academic study. For example searching for intelligent dolls will pull up nothing even though it is a significant theme in children’s literature, because those specific words do not show up in the books. This led to a discussion of tagging as an important function in digital studies. Dr. Saper brought up Amazon.com and how it will pay random people a penny to tag images in books. The discussion then switched to trolls who might deliberately tag inaccurately. The Amazon program works because many consumers are used to tag the same image and then the highest percentage tag will be used as an accurate tag.

After the meeting we discussed having another informal gathering of students and maybe even getting our own digital seminar set up. I would love to participate in something of this nature, but we need to get it set up online so that we can participate from wherever we are located. It was brought up that we might use Second Life as a medium for meeting. I like this idea. I think we should try having a class meeting via Second Life to test it out. We would have to create our own avatars before getting together, but it could be a potentially positive way to meet and possibly even get guest speakers.