I keep seeing this movie trailer advertised on tv…and Hayles keeps popping up.  While there are those of use who are already dependent upon mechanics such as implants, pacemakers, artificial ligaments, etc., we already know how much our body is worth in terms of “value.”  An ACL cadavor ligament is worth about 5,000 bucks in the long run.  But what are the consequences of putting mechanical replacement parts such as hearts, lungs, etc. into bodies, that can bring in a significant amount of money?  What will this do for the blackmarket that already exists for the “generic” human body parts?  I guess – what is the cost of life as a  human, versus one who is viably posthuman?

This concern is also part of a current issue revolving around microchip implanting – so we are not, in essence, very far away from this type of concern:).