After having read McGann, Rice was illuminated for me in new ways because I read it last semester, but it means so much more to me now…. Nevertheless, Rice speaks of a kind of Deformance entitled Detournement. It is a French word that simple means reappropriating a previously used symbol for something new…. Wikipedias definition is better , so here it is……. In short, i would say that it is REMIXING something antagonistically… In Rice’s eyes, this is a component of the COOL…..APPROPRIATION…

Take a look at these icons that have been remixed, appropriated to the cool or “Detourmentized” (I know that is not a word, but bear with me…)

Can you make out the connections or implications that could be made about the reappropriation of the icons/symbols?… For example, why is Macintosh compared to McDonald’s? Perhaps because they are the king of the industry? Is NIKON Just Doing It? And is IBM becoming a major flop just like GM? What do you think?