The puzzle on page 75 of E-Crit was pretty easy for me to solve, and got me thinking about how this sort of puzzle is quite common in video games to the point that I’m sure that the reason I found it easy was that I game (though you can all tell me if I am wrong).

Since gamers have to first understand and then be able to navigate different sets of rules in order to accomplish the goals of a game, I find it much easier to see the patterns and systems than most people. also find it easier to navigate and use systems to my advantage while others might be more resistant to the way systems work (again, your mileage may vary).

So, does that mean that gaming is post-modernist, or that gamers inevitably become post-modern thinkers? Carrying the discussion from Gender and T&T, are gamers like the characters in Neromancer, fighting with the system rather than against it?