Here’s hoping this works. I was struggling all week with how to present this, but since my main thesis is that gaming constructs narrative via association rather than chronology, this seemed like a good idea.

Just click around and construct your own meaning. Oh, and let me know if it works!


Here’s an interesting article my mom came across the other day. I thought it might interest a few people from class, so I’m sharing! 🙂 Hope you’re all doing well with your projects.

here is the link to my site for the final…

Sort of a lame title but pretty fun stuff (read it tomorrow (4/24) though, otherwise my writing “errors” might make your head explode. 🙂

Software Reads

Here’s a link to my .xml file in my Dropbox account.

In order to experience the file as it’s intended, it is best viewed by a browser other than IE.  I have tested it in Firefox and Safari.

Other than that, click the link above, and it should simply load much as a webpage does.  Let me know if any issues arise, and please enjoy!

After our experiences re-re-revising our reviews, I hesitate to call this “final”.  I guess I’ll leave it at this: It’s officially submittable now.  🙂

If you can stand the punny humor, here it is:

Chris’s Theory of Organ-ic Writing

I think Sid Meier might have wrote my theory for me.

note: one hour