Will stated in his post that, “McGann commented that, when the Google Books settlement occurred, scholars were not invited to the conversation, causing them to be left out of a very important discussion regarding the digital future of books.”
Which scholars were McGann referring to??  To me, the word “scholar” is a loaded term:).  Is he referring directly to literary scholars – or is he including all types of scholars (educated as well as professionals) whose books/disciplines are a part of or covered by this project?
Also, I, too, find it funny that a video conference had technological difficulties.  I guess this makes apparent our dependency upon technology to relay information in a timely and understandable manner, and also tests the limitations on our acceptance of such difficulties (as well, our view of the productivity of the delivery method of choice).
Overall, I am excited to be reading another Hayles book; one that everyone seems to regard as a corner stone for her theory.  I think it will make more transparent her arguments, and possibly tie together some of the loose ends from class and this presentation/conference.
Thanks to those of you who were able to attend and bring back this information – I, for one, appreciate your summaries and applications of the information:).